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We provide services in all aspects of arboriculture and related areas

Acreman’s Arboriculture Ltd has been established since 2000 and we have built up a solid client base of both private and commercial customers.

We cater for all aspects of tree management and care, from planting through to full removal, and all by-products are processed into mulch, wood chip, biomass, fire logs or trade timber.

We retain long-running contracts with Town, District and County Councils (including Highways). We provide emergency out-of-hours support during storms, ensuring roads stay open and the public are kept safe.

We also operate on private estates and for private housing associations. Our domestic customers are also key to our business and whether it is for on-going tree maintenance, hedge trimming, planting or log delivery, we are proud to have customers who return to us time and again.

With a wide range of tools and machinery, we ensure we are up to every task. We use both petrol and electric power tools, have a range of chippers including crane-fed, to suit the space we are working in and the size of the task. We have a 25 metre MEWP (cherry picker) which is also available for operator hire. We have stump grinders for all jobs, including an excavator mounted attachment for difficult terrain stumps. We have a variety of mulching flails for site clearance, including pedestrian operated, excavator mounted and tractor.

Tree removals

Trees are a beautiful and beneficial part of our natural environments, however there are many reasons why a tree may need to be removed or felled. Depending on the size of the tree, this can be a mammoth undertaking, however we have the skill and equipment to safely dismantle and remove trees of all sizes, in all types of location.

We perform both straight felling (where the tree is cut at the base and taken down in one piece, requiring a lot of space) and sectional, aerial dismantling (where the tree is removed in multiple pieces top-down, ideal where space is limited. This may require lowering equipment).

Crown reductions

A crown reduction is required where a tree has become too large for its environment and needs to be reduced back all over. Branches are removed throughout the crown of the tree, reducing overall size and density. The reduction is often measured in metres or as a percentage reduction.

Crown reductions are usually performed to reduce the size or height of a tree to improve a view, gain more sunlight into an area or to stop a tree encroaching into a given space, such as onto a building or into a neighbouring property.

A crown reduction is also a useful option for over-mature trees/veteran trees where weight reduction, especially on heavy lateral branching, will help to prolong a tree’s healthy, useful life.

Crown thinning

Thinning the crown of a tree reduces the overall weight of the canopy and improves airflow, whilst not typically reducing the height and width of the tree. Secondary branches are removed throughout the canopy, but the overall shape and size is maintained. Thinning reduces wind-resistance and allows more light through the tree.

Crown lifting

Lower branches are removed completely, increasing the distance between the canopy and the ground. This gives clear space and improves access under the tree. The height and width of the tree are generally not affected.

Fruit / ornamental tree pruning

To ensure a fruit tree produces healthy, bounteous crops each year, it is essential to provide regular maintenance of the branch formation and growth points. We provide expert pruning and dead wood removal at the time of year best suited to the objective of the prune.

Professional pruning helps trees to develop good structural integrity as they grow, as we ensure the ideal limb and branch configuration best suited to the tree type.

Dead wood removal

Removing dead or dying branches is important. Not only does expert removal avoid risk of injury from falling debris, but branches that break away in high winds can expose the inner wood leading to disease.  

Whilst dead wood is quite natural in the lifecycle of many trees, it can also be a symptom of a sick tree. We can assess the health of the tree and identify any ongoing issues.


Pollarding is the cutting back close to the trunk of all branches. This is often performed on large trees in small spaces, such as in residential streets or near cables, to maintain a limited crown size. Pollarding promotes new growth and good health; it can extend the life of a tree, and can often prolong the life of a diseased tree.

Stump grinding

When a tree is removed above ground, a stump is left protruding from the soil along with the root ball below ground. Our specialist stump grinding equipment will cut through the stump and main root ball, turning it to wood chip which can then backfill the hole and any excess can be used as mulch or removed from site. The remaining roots under the ground will decay over time.

Stumps which are not removed take many years to decay, during which time new leafy shoots may regularly regrow. Stumps can be unsightly unless thoughtfully incorporated into the landscape, and they can also present a trip hazard and insect haven. We will always offer stump grinding at the point of removal as this is usually the most ideal and economic solution, but we also provide retrospective stump grinding where required.

Hedge cutting & reductions

We provide hedge cutting and reductions on all scales – from the seasonal tidying up of ornamental garden hedges, to the heavy reduction of overgrown hedges and the management of vast hedgerows. With the range of tools to complete these jobs with ease and perfection, we will ensure the hedge is left healthy and tidied to your specifications.

Tree reports and landscaping advice

We provide advice and reports on tree condition and risk for safety inspections, asset management and record keeping. We will also advise on how environmental aspects such as flood risk, drought, and soil heave and shrinkage can be managed through different tree types.

We can recommend on trees best suited for screening, aesthetics and mitigation projects. Different trees have different needs and purposes. Selecting the right species for the environment is essential, and we will walk you through the different options based on your requirements.

We will happily provide quotations for sourcing healthy trees from reputable stockists and will plant and maintain them as required.

TPO & conservation area applications

In conservation areas, six weeks’ notice must be given to the relevant authority prior to any planned tree works taking place. The notice needs to outline in detail what and why intended tree works are taking place.

To undertake work on a tree which has a Tree Protection Order (TPO), permission must be sought from the relevant authority. Tree work completed without consent may result in an unlimited fine.

We are experienced in submitting applications for tree works in conservation areas and for trees which have a TPO and will readily manage this process on behalf of our clients in order to avoid delays or costly mistakes.

Planting and soft landscaping

We offer planting of all types of tree and hedging, whether this be an individual standard tree or a woodland belt. We can supply a wide range of products to suit your requirements.

Some of our tree work projects lead to the redevelopment of the soft landscape, where we can help redesign areas and plant suitable trees, shrubs and hedges, and carry out other soft landscaping requirements.

Wood chipping and mulch

Pure wood chip is beautifully versatile! It is an excellent low-cost, ecologically sound material for creating walkways, decorating borders, livestock bedding, substrate for bird and animal enclosures, protective layers in play areas, erosion control and composting.

Wood chip mulch is ideal for use in gardens and woodland to improve soil health and maintain moisture. It can also deter weed growth and protects roots from extremes of temperature.

We provide woodchip and mulch in various load sizes and can deliver to your premises or arrange collection from our yard in Wigginton, Oxfordshire.

Log processing and firewood

Our firewood timber is cut and barn-stored for a minimum of a year to provide logs that are well-seasoned and ideal for use in a fireplace, log burner or fire pit.
We will happily deliver to your premises in various load sizes or can arrange collection from our yard in Wigginton, Oxfordshire, if preferred.

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